Thank you so much for stopping by our frequently asked questions page. Below is a list of commonly asked questions that we frequently receive. If your specific question isn’t on the list, please don’t hesitate to give us a call or fill out the form on our contact page

  1. Carpet
  2. LVP – Luxury Vinyl Plank
  3. LVT – Luxury Vinyl Tile
  4. Engineered Hardwood
  5. Hardwood
    1. New – install; stain and finish
    2. Existing – Sand, stain and finish
  6. Laminate
  7. Linoleum
We provide a free, no-obligation in-home shopping experience.  We will bring the latest in flooring fashion directly to your home and we’ll prepare a bid within 24 hours.
Please take all personal pictures, artwork etc. down from your walls. Hint: Bathtubs are great for storing these kinds of items

Please take all family keepsakes, electronics and computers off the top of your dressers, armoires etc. We will be moving furniture and we are not responsible for any personal items

Closet floors must be free and clear. Any low hanging clothes, please place up higher

Beds – please disassemble headboards/footboards and bed frames. We will move the separate pieces.

If you order a baseboard package from us, we will have them delivered early if you wish to paint them prior to us installing them.

We do ask for patience. We provide a window of time to start the day of install, we will do our absolute best to keep that, however, please be flexible as construction can be unpredictable.
The average flooring project takes 3-5 days. The time of each project depends on multiple factors. Sometimes it takes longer and sometimes shorter, our estimators can give a better idea of the project timeline when they are looking at it with you.
Sorry, we specialize in replacing floors, not fixing them.
Yes, however, we do need one of our pros to come to the home for a specific measure and quote, we do not offer quotes over the phone.
Our products come from a variety of manufacturers, so it depends on the product that is purchased. Generally it is between a 5 year & lifetime warranty. Additionally, We provide 1 year warranty on our service. If something is wrong with how we lay the floor, you will know quickly and we are happy to come back and make it right.

Yes, in 2022 we decided to change our name from Floors-N-24 to Wagner Floors. Everything else about our company remains the same high-quality our thousands of customers have come to expect